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How to Build a Personal Training Business

Check out this video from the Mind Pump Podcast about how to build a successful personal training business from scratch. It emphasizes the importance of not only gaining expertise in fitness and training but also learning how to effectively establish and grow a business in a competitive industry.

If you stick around, the conversation also covers the limitations of traditional personal training certifications in preparing you for business development and highlights the role of NCI (Nutritional Coaching Institute) in offering comprehensive education that encompasses both training and business strategies. Check it out.

Section 2: 5-Point Summary

  1. Certifications and Business Building: Traditional personal training certifications focus on movement, assessments, and exercise techniques, but often lack guidance on building a personal training business. You need more
  2. Tactical Business Guidance: You need a business building course that provides step-by-step instructions, guiding you through practical actions to take, from initial setup to measuring results, resulting in a track record of increased clientele.
  3. Value of Big Box Gyms: Starting a personal training career in a big box gym is recommended for new trainers, as these gyms offer established systems, a pool of leads, and opportunities to learn from experienced peers.
  4. Holistic Business Understanding: To thrive in the fitness industry, you need to understand the intricate workings of the fitness business beyond just training and sales, including aspects like advertising, operations, and scaling. Working at a big box gym allows trainers to gain valuable insights into these aspects.

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