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Should Personal Trainers Niche Down?

In this video, Jeff from Sorta Health, discusses a concept you hear every single time you talk about personal training advice – niches or specializations within the. The video explores the definition of a niche, whether or not you as a personal trainer should have one, and how to determine a suitable niche if chosen.

Jeff also provides insights into the benefits and challenges of niching down and offers guidance for personal trainers on making informed decisions about specialization. Check it out.

5-Point Summary

  1. Understanding Niches: A niche is a specialized segment of the market for a specific product or service. In personal training, a niche refers to focusing on a particular type of client, such as weight loss, strength training, older clients, or athletes.
  2. Who Shouldn’t Niche Down?: Trainers in non-competitive areas or those who work in unique environments may not need to narrow their focus too much. For instance, if there’s limited competition or you’re in a specialized setting like a private studio, your existing environment may serve as a niche.
  3. Choosing a Niche: When selecting a niche, consider factors like your expertise, market demand, and personal interest. Ensure that you are genuinely skilled and passionate about working with the chosen demographic. Specializing in areas where clients have specific goals, such as weight loss, aging populations, or individuals with orthopedic issues, can be beneficial.
  4. Practicality of Niches: While some niches, like training athletes or bodybuilders, may seem appealing, they might not be practical for sustaining a consistent income. Trainers often find that niche markets lack sufficient recurring clients to sustain their business, and it’s important to realistically evaluate the potential client base.
  5. Passion and Sales: A strong passion for your chosen niche can positively impact your training and sales efforts. Clients can sense your enthusiasm, making it easier to convey the value of your services. Passionate trainers create a natural and effective sales pitch, where presenting your expertise becomes a genuine expression of belief in your specialization.

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