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Top Four Resources for Gym Owners

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Running a gym isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. You’ll be faced with challenges such as handling difficult clients, employing gym staff, scaling the business, etc. To navigate this journey and be successful in your career, it’s important you have several resources to rely on. 

If you have been surfing the internet for online resources to help you run a successful business, here’s the article you’ve been looking for. 

We have put together the very best fitness website, blog post, podcast, and YouTube channel to help you successfully run your gym. They include;

1. Ultimate Guide to Owning a Gym Business on GloFox

This blog post discusses the benefits of owning a gym in today’s market, and important things you should start doing. It thoroughly explains the crucial lessons taught by experts about opening a gym, referencing Mike Lipowski the owner and founder of Pure Physique in New York. 

Also, it referenced other experts who were guests on their podcast, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Opening a Gym Business’.

2. Zen Planner’s Resource Page

helpful resources for gym owners

Zen Planner doesn’t only make software for fitness businesses, they also act as consultants to gym owners. They have more than 20 ebooks that cover topics ranging from how to start a fitness business to how to successfully attract clients.

You can check out the Zen Planner’s Resource Page to discover new fitness software that can help improve your gym’s efficiency.

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3. The Fitness over Everything Podcast

The “fitness over everything” podcast, which aims at providing fitness motivation and inspiration, is hosted by Jason Khalipha, a fitness professional. 

Every week, Jason talks to fitness entrepreneurs, athletes, and fitness business leaders about fitness techniques, coaching, and handing out tips on how to start and improve your gym business. The ‘Fitness Over Everything’ podcast contains about 30 minutes of short yet information-packed episodes.

4. Athlean X YouTube Channel

Jeff Cavaliere, popularly known as Athlean X, puts science behind his workouts, constantly giving subscribers leading nutrition and fitness advice on his famous Youtube channel. 

Jeff who previously worked as a strength coach and Physical Therapist for Major League Baseball teams was also a personal trainer for various major actors and sports stars. A renowned Youtuber with 13 million subscribers and over 15 years of experience, Jeff always delivers value in every video he puts out.

If you want to stay updated on nutrition and fitness trends or want some inspiration for exercises to integrate into your member’s routine, subscribe to Jeff’s YouTube channel, Athlean X.

Final Thoughts

As a fitness entrepreneur, utilizing resources at your disposal not only makes you knowledgeable about the fitness business but also keeps you on top of your game. 

The right resources, access to amazing business strategies, the latest workout trends, and recommendations to keep your gym members engaged can be that distinguishing factor between your gym and others. 

Although owning a gym comes with its challenges, with the resources discussed in this article, you’re well on your way to overcoming them. 

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