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Don’t Work for Big Box Gyms – James Smith

In this video James Smith discusses why you should reconsider working for gyms as a PT. Drawing from nearly a decade of personal training experience, he addresses the misconception of “free rent” provided by gyms and emphasizes the importance of valuing your expertise and time as a personal trainer.

He offers insights on how to strategically increase rates, optimize business operations, and diversify offerings to enhance profitability and success. Check it out.

Five Point Summary

  1. High Attrition in Personal Training: Many personal trainers do not last beyond their first year in the industry, making longevity a notable achievement.
  2. Real Cost of “Free Rent”: The idea of “free rent” from gyms is debunked, revealing that the true cost comes in the form of time spent working for low wages, often equivalent to minimum wage.
  3. Strategic Pricing: You may want to reconsider your hourly rates and confidently charge what your expertise is worth, focusing on perceived value rather than a race to the lowest price.
  4. Maximizing Profitability: By adjusting rates and diversifying service offerings, you can significantly increase your income while potentially working fewer hours, freeing up time for business development or other pursuits.
  5. Investing in Growth: You should also invest in your professional development, just as you ask your clients to invest in their fitness journeys. By attending seminars, acquiring new skills, and seeking business coaching, you can unlock greater success and profitability in a saturated market.

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